Kristy Curtis
Hospital Administrator

Kristy Curtis is a Certified Medical Manager with over 20 years of healthcare experience. She brings a wealth of expertise to her role, specializing in optimizing operational efficiency, ensuring seamless and effective healthcare delivery and positive patient experiences.

Transitioning from human medicine to veterinary care, Kristy’s profound love of animals has guided her path. This shift allows her to bring her extensive healthcare experience to benefit creatures of all kinds. She is dedicated to patient advocacy and committed to fostering a healthcare environment that prioritizes personalized, compassionate, and high-quality care to our beloved animal companions and their families.

In her free time, Kristy enjoys spending time with her husband and children, her dog, Shiloh, and her kitties, Jack and Miep. She loves live music, exploring new cuisines, and chasing waterfalls.

Kristy Curtis - Hospital Administrator

Jordan Sanchez
Nursing Director and Anesthesia Trainer

In the 10 years that Jordan has been in veterinary medicine, she has dedicated her time to teaching and educating her community. She understands the need for knowledge and information sharing as a method to raise the standards of care for pets and for people. She began her veterinary career in shelter and field medicine and these experiences remain close to her heart. In this work she learned the importance and positive impact in supporting the human animal bond, and her commitment to providing the same level of care to each person and pet regardless of their background was born.

As the Training Coordinator for Anesthesia & Analgesia, Jordan has applied her diverse experience to create and approachable and scalable education for the BVER teams. This training enables the BVER technicians to receive and provide gold standard care.

In her free time, Jordan loves hiking with her perfect dogs and spending vacations doing spay/neuter clinics in remote areas of the world.

Jessica Acree
Training Director

Jessica Acree has enjoyed over twenty years in the veterinary industry. She obtained her Certified Veterinary license while in Phoenix, Arizona, and then followed the call of emergency veterinary medicine to Portland, Oregon. Jessica has a passion for complicated trauma cases and raising the standards of nursing care. She holds a Veterinary Specialty License in Emergency and Critical care. Following a stint as Regional Director of Training and Development in California, she was called home to Oregon again with her husband, child and beloved menagerie of pets. During her free time, Jessica loves spending time outdoors with her family, hiking and knitting.  

Jess Acree
Shrina Sharer, CPhT

Shrina Sharer
Inventory Manager

Shrina is an Oregon native with over 20 years in veterinary medicine. Her experience ranges from general practice medicine, pharmacology, oncology, sonography, inventory and management. She has a special interest in oncology, geriatric medicine, and the development of new therapies and treatments. She truly values the human-animal bond and creating strong relationships with both clients and patients is her passion! Shrina enjoys doing all things outdoors with her crazy dogs including travel, camping, kayaking and occasionally re-habing orphaned baby squirrels.